The Right’s New Obama Conspiracy Theory


America’s right wing has been reeling after a devastating loss in the General Election. The re-election of President Obama has prompted significant introspection from many in the conservative intelligencia. They are signaling evolution on issues ranging from Immigration to Tax hikes on the wealthy. Unfortunately, the right hasn’t lost it’s appetite for conspiracy theories. The latest conspiracy theory concerns disgraced General David Patraeus, whom recent revelations have shown was engaged in a long extra-marital affair. The General submitted his resignation after an FBI Probe into the affair was initiated after hostile and harassing emails were exchanged between the Patraeus mistress and a perceived rival for the General’s affection. The right wing, has found the timing of the announcement questionable. Glenn Beck has charged that ” Petraeus Was Set Up”. The general, after-all was set to testify about the incidents in Bengazi which resulted in the death of a U.S. Ambassador. The right, has held that the real story behind Bengazi has been hidden as well. They argue that, “perhaps” Petraeus was going to expose the truth behind Bengazi and as a result, he was set up—-with a gorgeous mistress, 20 yrs his junior.

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