Is She The New Secretary of State?


Susan Rice is currently the nation’s top diplomat to the United Nations. The President’s re-election however, has now paved the way for Susan Rice to become Secretary of State-the post currently occupied by Hillary Clinton. Susan Rice, would follow in the foot steps of Dr. Condi Rice who served under the Bush Administration.

Rice served as a foreign policy aide for Michael Dukakis. She also served in the CLinton Administration in a variety of capacities. The former Stanford Grad is also well known for her athletic prowess, The former point guard acquired the nick name “Spo” and challenges the President’s all boys-basketball culture in the white-house.

The nomination for Rice is not certain. Many in the GOP are invested in preventing her rise. Rice recently became the face of the administration’s confused message over the recent assassination of a U.S. Ambassador in Bengazi. Many in the GOP are determined to ensure that Rice never becomes the Secretary of State. While Rice is the administration’s first choice for SOS, Senator John Kerry, is also competing for the position. He has coveted the post publicly for numerous years. The President would prefer Rice, and in an effort to placate Kerry-a loyal ally and influential figure in the party, the administration recently floated the possibility of Senator Kerry becoming Secretary of Defense.

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