New music from Ahmir “Music Issue” Sneak Peek

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Worthy magazine is currently assembling two issues at the same time. Following the “Health Issue” will be our “Music Issue.”  The issue will be packed with artists who you may already know and love along with a few that you should get to know and love.

Boston-based R&B/Pop group,Ahmir, will be one of the featured artists in the issue. A new generation of artists are emerging and this crop of talent is a force that can not be ignored. Their masterful command of lyrics and melody are just the tip of the iceberg. The group created a solid platform and loyal following by utilizing YouTube to its fullest potential. They are not just a group singing in front of the computer camera and inserting the seamless Apple computer transitions into their video. Whenever you view their videos, the time and effort that was put into each video is apparent and appreciated.

The musical renditions of chart-topping hits and the groups original work make it almost impossible to tear your eyes away from the screen. The group has had over 60 million views on their YouTube channel. Despite landing a record deal the group continues to push themselves and remain loyal to the platform that broadened and strengthened their fan base, YouTube.

Their new single, “War,” is available on iTunes. Make sure you check it out and visit their YouTube channel and get lost in the music- AhmirTV


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