Selective trends: Are some things off limits?

























In a recent post from Fashion Bomb Daily, an interesting concept came up in the comments portion of the post, are there just some fashion statements that are off limits to certain ethnic groups?

Dolce and Gabbana recently presented a flawless collection at New York Fashion week filled with patterns and textures that dreams are made of.

The area of concern however, is centered around the earrings that were also in the show but seemingly went unnoticed.

Interestingly, the earrings once given the second glance, provided that one can get past the immediate assumption the accessory appears to be mammy inspired do not seem to look offensive.

Comments on the Fashion Bomb Daily actually stated that the earrings had they been in another location, or a local store perhaps, would’ve been sure purchase.

The issue then became are the earrings simply offensive because they are being worn by a model who is not Black? So the question is slowly coming to the forefront of discussion, are some things just off limits to certain ethnic groups? Is one thing more acceptable than the other, depending on your ethnic background?

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