A Fly Affair Nation: Creative Expression At Its Finest

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Founder of "A Fly Affair Nation" Jabian Sutherland photographed with two models

“Fly Affair Nation” is an up and coming company in Miami that is establishing it self as a one stop shop for Miami fashion and music enthusiasts. One thing that really stood out at a recent show the company put on at the Viceroy hotel in Miami is the unique take on style. The founder and CEO of the company Jabian Sutherland said in a recent interview that he would define the world of fashion as a constant and independent movement. With such an innovative outlook on the world of fashion and creativity, it is understandable why Sutherland went on to say that he is noticing that the Black community has become more open with their definition of style. Jeans no longer have to fall way below the waist line. Men are embracing a more tailored and customized look that is both refreshing and daring. 

Model photographed for featured designer Gorgeous Bridges clothing line "Illectrick" Photo Credit: Mark Masters


Another model photographed in "Illectrick" clothing. Photo credit: Mark Masters.

“A Fly Affair Nation” is also tackling the world of music and video production. It is believed that with time this company will blossom into a one stop shop for all creative needs. The show which took place on August 3rd was also a local platform for South Florida based designers: Michael Durham and Gorgeous Bridges to showcase their talent and love for fashion. Both lines embraced a side of style that is gradually emerging to the forefront of fashion within the Black community. Ripped tye dye jeans, spikes and pins and most importantly psychedelic make-up- were the key ingredients needed to conjure up the perfect fashion fantasy.

The general concensus over at Worthy Magazine is simple: “We would like some more, please.-” Here’s to hoping that they keep more coming.

Tell us what you think about show and make sure you stop by “A Fly Affair Nation’s” Web site.


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