ROMNEY DITCHES DOG WHISTLE: Fully Racist Attack On Obama


Mitt Romney is currently abroad touring the globe, in an attempt to enhance his stature as a Presidential hopeful. The trip mimics President Obama’s trip as a candidate. But when President Obama went to Europe, he conveyed our nation’s solidarity with Europe and the World. When Mitt Romney arrived in London, his team launched into a bigoted tirade against President Obama. Many have observed that in America, the right has hinted at racist themes and utilized “Dog Whistle” politics and coded language designed to convey racist themes without explicitly saying them. In Europe, Mr. Romney and his campaign have ditched the dog whistles and opted to appeal for European support, solely on the basis of his race. As soon as Team Romney touched down, they declared that “WE ARE A PART OF AN ANGLO-SAXON HERITAGE, AND HE (Romney) FEELS THAT THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP IS SPECIAL. THE WHITE HOUSE (President Obama) DOESN’T FULLY APPRECIATE THE SHARED HISTORY WE HAVE”.

The right has long suggested that President Obama doesn’t love America, as they love America. They have even said that he is foreign in his mindset and approach to governing. The “otherness” of President Obama has even been used to question his patriotism, and good will towards America. But the Right has stopped short of ever simply saying, he is not of “our” race. They have never explicitly declared, that Obama isn’t white-or that this fact precluded him from truly being American. But in his first address to Europe Romney has stated plainly that Obama isn’t an Anglo Saxon and that this fact prevents him from fully “Appreciating” the relationship America has with Europe.

It is worth noting that when asked by the “TELEGRAPH” about how policy toward Britain would change from Obama should Romney win the election, Romney’s team was unable to respond with a single significant difference. Mitt Romney has just made the entire basis of his appeal to Europe for his candidacy on the fact that he is white and President Obama is black.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Mr. Romney’s team is factually wrong. President Obama is in fact half-African American. The President’s family is in fact both English and Irish. Which makes the attack the Romney team launched both Racist and factually wrong.


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