The GOP has leveled a stunning array of attacks against the current President of the United States. Some of these attacks have bordered on racist. There was at first, the birther conspiracy; the idea that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Then there was the idea that the President was a secret Muslim. Despite all of the acrimony caused by these attacks, none of these arguments are as dangerous as a recent attack from the RNC-(Republican National Committee)- Chairman.

The RNC-Chairman Reince Priebus recently declared that Mitt Romney must be elected in order to “Save America”.”Our Way Of Life” is at stake, said the RNC Chairman. Now many may wonder why this attack is worse then the racially charged attacks of Rush Limbaugh or the unhinged accusations of Michelle Bachman. The answer is simple. Buried within this attack is an implicit call to violence. Priebus is not the first Republican to claim that America will not survive if Barack Obama is re-elected. The claim has become common place among republicans. Consider the implications of this charge, especially in the minds of voters that may not be entirely grounded (so to speak). If America is not going to survive if Obama is elected again, then what should be done-if he is re-elected?

The GOP has lost touch with a fundamental tenant of Democracy and life in America. As a rule, Your Political Party Must Lose-at times. And You Must Be Willing To Accept That Loss. You cannot or should not whip your supporters into such a frenzy that your followers cannot accept the loss. By suggesting that the entire American experiment will come to an end if Obama wins, he is raising the stakes on the election to such a degree, in the minds of his supporters, that-should they fail, his supporters will be unable to accept their defeat. When we consider the considerable GOP efforts to portray Obama as foreign and intrinsically un-American, we can see that they have dehumanized and delegitimized the President; making the prospect of violence even more probable. When these disturbing seeds finally bare fruit, we will see that the GOP’s most dangerous attack on the President, will have disturbing consequences for our nation.

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