Mitt Romney’s candidacy for President has suffered significant blows this week as the Obama administration continued to press the Romney camp for disclosures of the candidates Taxes. The requests have dogged the Romney campaign, leading some to conclude that he was hiding his taxes out of fear that they might reveal unflattering information concerning his substantial wealth. Some have suggested that, in light of Romney’s current astonishingly low, 15% tax rate, that there may have been years in which Romney paid, absolutely no taxes.  Yesterday his campaign lashed out with a series of race based attacks on his opponent, President Obama. Early in the day, John Sununu, one of Mitt Romney’s surrogates, blasted the President for his past drug use. He even declared that he wished the President, “Would learn how to be an American”. The attacks were based on a line of attack developed by Rush Limbaugh. Romney himself, got in on the action by suggesting that the President’s administration bore a striking resemblance to the governments of foreign nations. Romney declared, “The course we’re on right now is foreign to us. It changes America”. 

The attacks build upon a steady theme of birtherism in the Republican Party and a basic mistrust of the President. Romney has shown no desire to distance himself from the King Of Birtherism, Donald Trump. He has recently held fund raisers with “The Donald” and effectively wrapped himself in the full embrace of those that are advocates of the theory. Obama, as a foreigner- or Obama-at minimum foreign in his mindset and approach to governance- has been the basis of many republican attacks. It is unlikely that there will be a Sista Soulja moment for Mitt Romney, in which he chastises his own supporters for these attacks. Mitt Romney has effectively sanctioned these attacks, by participating in them.

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