Is Scarlett Johanson worth more than Angelina Jolie, or Kirsten Stewart? Apparently the creators of the Avenger’s franchise think so. Scarlett has just signed a record smashing 20 million dollar deal to reprise her role as “Black Widow” in the upcoming Avengers sequal. Johanson certainly made an impression with her portrayal of the comic book heroin. Fans were thoroughly impressed by her and their praise has earned her the title of Highest paid actress in Hollywood. The new pay day means that she is more bankable, in the eyes of Hollywood, then Angelina Jolie.


TOM CRUISE & KATIE: Divorce Final


One week after Katie Holmes filed for divorce, Tom Cruise and the starlet have finalized the terms of their separation. In a Hollywood culture notorious for ugly and protracted post marital litigations, the Holmes/Cruise divorce is remarkably civil and brief. Initially Katie demanded sole custody, which led some to believe that public turmoil was soon to follow. Instead, it seems that Suri-the couple’s daughter will reside with Katie in New York and Tom will get extensive visitation rights.

PRAYERS FOR USHER’S FAMILY: Son is Brain-dead After Accident


Tragedy has struck the family of pop Star Usher Raymond. His 11 year old son, is brain-dead after a tragic accident occurred while the youngster was water skiing with friends. Kyle Glover has shown no brain activity since he was admitted to the hospital on Friday. He was struck in the head by the jet ski of a 38 year old male. He us still on life-support as Tameka Foster-Usher’s ex wife, currently sits vigil over her young son in the hospital. Kyle is not Usher’s son, by birth. He is the product of Tameka’s previous relationship with Atlanta clothier-Ryan Glover.

Usher has been embroiled in an unfortunately ugly divorce with his former wife, Tameka Foster. Despite the ugliness of the divorce, in which Usher is suing for custody of their mutual newborn, Usher chartered a plane for Tameka to rush to the bedside of his stepson.

WORTHY PRAYERS for the Raymond Family. Let’s Pray for a miracle.