Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled it’s new line of Windows 8 Tablets. The reaction thus far, has been nothing short of ecstatic. The tech community was thoroughly impressed by Microsoft’s creation in part because previous tablets have been such a tremendous let down. Microsoft began the unveiling in an uncharacteristically stylish way. The influence of Apple’s Steve Jobs and his style of presenting was all over the event. But Microsoft hasn’t just taken tips on presentation from Apple, they have also clearly learned a great deal about Product design from the industry leader. The Microsoft Surface is a sleek, reworking of the entire tablet concept. In some ways it accepts the traditional patterns of tablet design and in other ways, its entirely revolutionary.

The Microsoft Surface is encased in a magnesium frame; the first tablet to be shelled in such a material. This makes the design rigid, sturdy and polished. Embedded in the actual frame is a royal kickstand that protrudes from the device, instantly making it a transformer of sorts. All reports indicate that its going to take a small hurricane to bole over the Microsoft tablet. Ofcourse, this is hyperboly, but it highlights the way in which Microsoft has addressed a standard problem with Apple’s tablet. Stability has been an issue. Even with Apple’s elegant case, one is constantly aware of, if not in fear of, the threat of tipping over the device. This problem is solved by Microsoft’s Magneseum case and its built in stand. Adding to the innovation is a case or cover that actually serves a purpose. In the past, Apple’s cover has been derided as little more than an aesthetic add on. It served no real purpose. It could double as a stand, but beyond that it was entirely vestigial. Microsoft’s case, on the other hand is no thicker than Apple’s and yet it is also the device’s keyboard. Embedded in the paper thin case is a QWERTY keyboard with an accelerometer that senses the fingers motions. It is rumored to facilitate faster typing then any comparable keyboard. This solves the annoyance some users feel when asked to type on tablets. Some users simply hate Apple’s disdain for physical keyboards.

And there we have it. All of the buzz surrounds this tiny innovation of a colorful, paper thin, smart-keyboard.

The Windows 8 operating system took a backseat to the keyboard but it is also among the bonus features of a windows tablet. Business users have always lamented the IPAD’s lack of functionality. They have derided the tablet as a toy that cannot meet their daily business demands. Real business people, need Flash. They need documents that cross platforms. They need files and attachments. In short, they need a tablet thoroughly integrated in the Windows ecosystem, which dominates the business landscape. Microsoft, with its dual camera tablet, solves many of these issues.

If it sounds like the world is making too much of a silly keyboard and yet another tablet, don’t be fooled. Microsoft has just officially changed the tablet game. For the first time since the XBOX, Microsoft is manufacturing it’s own hardware, which suggests that they didn’t trust the partners that license their software to make this tablet. The failure of all other previous tablets, clearly taught Microsoft that the tech community needed to see how a tablet should be designed.

The Microsoft Surface comes in two versions. There is the Microsoft RT-which will boast the new Metro inspired tiles of the new Windows 8 revision. It’s thinner then an IPAD and its 10.6 inch screen is longer which makes it even more ideal for watching movies.  There is also Windows 8 Pro which is a heftier, machine with pen and writing compatibility. It will allow users to use the Metro Tiles or the traditional Windows set up. For those that are still unconvinced of the formidability of this device, we have attached Microsofts, stylish new commercial.


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