When Arsenio Hall was blessed with victory on the celebrity apprentice, Worthy Magazine was one of the first publications to ask if that win, would secure a new late night talk show for the legend of urban talk. Apparently, network execs agreed with Worthy and have given the go ahead for a new ARSENIO HALL SHOW! The new show will be produced by CBS and will air between 10pm and 11pm at night. Hall has a steep hill to climb. This time slot places him in direct competition with the Daily Show, Jay Leno and in some markets, David Letterman who is also on the CBS Network. It’s not clear how Letterman feels about his own network engineering the competition but Hall is enthused. He argues that there is a space for his show and brand of comedy.

We send out Worthy Well Wishes to Arsenio. As one of the funniest men in comedy, this is a well deserved and long awaited return to prime time.


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