The details are sketchy but Chris Brown and Drake reportedly fought in a New York nightclub, over Rhianna. The fight began, reportedly when Chris Brown sent a bottle of Champagne over to Drake’s table, as a peace offering. Drake is reportedly dating Rhianna and Chris was reportedly upset over the new relationship. Chris’s peace offering, is rumored to have been responded to with a brief note that read “I’m Fucking The Love of Your Life. Get Over It”. Shortly thereafter bottles of champagne were flying across the nightclub, like a scene out of Mobwives. While we have no first hand accounts of Drake and Chris locked in battle, Drake reportedly punched Chris and hit him with a bottle, before Chris could respond. Brown tweeted a picture of his chin, which had a deep gash. Brown’s body guard was also injured and photographed on a stretcher with a bloody head. Drake is denying responsibility for it. And a young lady, is claiming to have been badly beaten in the malay. TMZ is posting pictures of Hollie C, a 24 year old tourist, who claims that she had a bottle thrown at her head. She was bleeding profusely and disfigured, when she made her way to the hospital, where she received 16 stitches and a tetanus shot.


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