Miley Cyrus is officially engaged. The pop star has been in a long relationship with actor, Liam Hemsworth, of Hunger Games. The couple formalized their long courtship on May 31 but refused to confirm the engagement until today. Cyrus has had a controversial few years. Rumors of drug use and a rough transition into adulthood have swirled around the former Disney star. The engagement to Liam Hemsworth may seem shocking and questionable, considering that Cyrus is only 19 and Hemsworth is only slightly older, at 22. Marriage is always a trial but marriage in Hollywood becomes a battle.

We wonder if two artists, in such formative years of life are in error to commit themselves to one another, when they are both obviously still in the growth phase of life. Despite our concerns, the Cyrus family is apparently ecstatic and very supportive of the union.

We send Miley and her new hubby, WORTHY WELL WISHES, in their marriage.

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