OBAMA’S PRIVATE SECTOR VICTORY: Private Company SPACEX Docks With Space-station


The President’s critics are fond of calling him a Marxist and Socialist. They claim that he is hostile to business and hostile to the private sector and yet, for a man with communist tendencies, President Obama seems to be racking up significant Private Sector victories. The stock market has broken several records and many companies are seeing record profits. His latest Private Sector Trophy is the success of SPACE-X, a privately held, American Space Company. Today, Space X became the first private company in history to successfully launch a rocket into orbit and follow that monumental achievement with the successful docking of a cargo vessel with the International Space Station. To Date, only a handful of nations have achieved what this private firm has accomplished.

Much like Healthcare reform, or Cap and Trade, a private space industry was once the vision of Republicans. But once President Obama signed onto their idea, the Republicans seem to have abandoned their old position. They have lambasted the President for allowing the Shuttle to retire, forgetting their own years of hostility toward the program.

Today, marks an incredible achievement. The future of American Space Flight will be in Private Sector companies that provide consumers and the government with shuttle flights, to and from orbit. Space Tourism is an obvious, next step for other companies. Space X however, endeavors to be a cargo company. They have already inked contracts with NASA, to ferry supplies to the Space Station. The Capsule of the DRAGON ROCKET, docked with the Space Station, this morning, somewhere above New Zealand. When Nasa astronaught, Donald Pettit, opened the Dragon Capsule he noted that “The small inside smells like a brand new car”. The brilliantly white capsule was immaculate, he noted. The California based company and it’s Dragon Rockets are now our rental car into space. And it would have been impossible without significant government support. President Obama has caught significant flack for his “Investments” in America’s future. Republicans have been quick to point out the failures. This however, is a success of epic proportions. It remains to be seen, if they will give him any credit.

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