Former President George W. Bush is writing a book on economics and growth strategies. While it may seem that such a headline should be followed by-an- LMFAO or at least an LOL-it won’t be. George W is entirely serious about this endeavor. Apparently, he feels that he has something to contribute, in advising future leaders on the proper approach to cultivating a successful economy. Those familiar with the Bush Economy will be dissappointed. The book will not be a meaculpa or an apologetic tome. And Bush will not encourage the nation to learn from his mistakes.

During his Presidency, many observers noted W’s stunning lack of introspection. He seemed to lack the ability to reflect on his actions or mistakes and acknowledge that they even existed. According to early reports, the former President’s how to guide, for growing the economy will not acknowledge the failure of his own policies. For those that have forgotten the former President’s record on economics or for those for whom the hilarity of George W. Bush, penning a text on how to grow an economy, is a joke missed, consider the analysis of Pat Garofalo from the Center For American Progress. He noted that:

Under his watch, “growth in investment, GDP, and employment all posted their worst performance of any post-war expansion,” while “overall monthly job growth was the worst of any cycle since at least February 1945, and household income growth was negative for the first cycle since tracking began in 1967.” As the Economic Policy Institute found, “between the end of the 2001 recession (2001Q4) and the peak of that expansion (2007Q4), the U.S. economy experienced the worst economic expansion of the post-war era”.

The truly concerning aspect of this story is that Mitt Romney, the current Republican Nominee for President, is vowing to enact policies very similar to George W. Bush. The reality is that in the minds of many on the right, the jury is still out on W’s  policies, which is why Bush’s book will likely find an enthusiastic audience. And why Mitt Romney, barely hesitates to propose the same, failed policies.

For Those Looking For A Great Laugh, George W. Bush’s new book will be out this summer.

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