Urban Memorial Weekend celebrants beware! According to an internal email, directly from the Police Union, Police officers have been given a hard quota of arrests to fill for the weekend. According to the email, which came from a member of the police union, offended by the order, Police are ordered to arrest at least 2000 weekenders. Police Chief, Raymond Martinez is denying that the order ever existed but Representative Fredericka Wilson and Commissioner Barbara Jordan are not accepting his denial. They claim to have personally seen the email and believe that the order is an attempt to damage the viability of Urban Weekend in Miami Beach. The ACLU has stated that the order raises serious constitutional concerns.

Those heading to Miami Beach should as always obey any and all laws and respect police officers. Party goers should be especially careful and avoid unfortunate encounters with Law Enforcement. If interactions do occur, remember to be respectful, calm and compliant.

WRESTLING IN SENEGAL: New York Times Covers African Martial Art


In Senegal, one sport reins supreme. Wrestling, of the African variety is not merely heritage, it is the nation’s great past time. The New York Times has posted an excellent video and accompanying article on the West African Tradition of Wrestling. While the sport may be obscure, the African tradition of Laamb Wrestling has ancient roots. While it was once practiced in humble settings and competitions were held for the honor of villages, it has evolved into a sport that fills stadiums. Corporations, compete for broadcast and sponsorship rights and the sports gladiators are fantastically wealthy, by Senegal’s standards. In a recent championship bout between the reining YEKINI and his challenger BALLA GAYE 2, each man received $300,000. The events are as authentic as the once small village bouts. The ceremonies open with traditional dances, drumming and warding off of black magic, with rituals that can take hours to perform. The bouts are a true sight to behold. Enjoy the a video of the championship bout between YEKINI and BALLA GAYE 2, below. YEKINI had reined as champion, for 20 years. The match is followed by a bio pic on the victor, BALLA GAYE 2, and a link to the original New York Times Story.



If you are in the market for a new web browsing experience, Yahoo would like you to consider using it’s Axis, web browser. While many consumers may have thought of Yahoo as a dead or dying company the engineers at the former king of search engines, is hoping to bring consumer back into their universe of products with it’s new browser.

The Axis is, undoubtedly beautiful and sleek. It links your iPhone, Desktop and iPad to facilitate seamless browsing on all three. It utilizes a graphical listing of sites as opposed to static links. And it works within other browsers. You can still use, Chrome or Internet Explorer and add Axis as an add on feature to the bottom of your browser. Most of this is entirely academic. The best way to understand Yahoo’s latest creation is simply to view it and then decide if it has a place in your life. Check out the product demo below:




Former President George W. Bush is writing a book on economics and growth strategies. While it may seem that such a headline should be followed by-an- LMFAO or at least an LOL-it won’t be. George W is entirely serious about this endeavor. Apparently, he feels that he has something to contribute, in advising future leaders on the proper approach to cultivating a successful economy. Those familiar with the Bush Economy will be dissappointed. The book will not be a meaculpa or an apologetic tome. And Bush will not encourage the nation to learn from his mistakes.

During his Presidency, many observers noted W’s stunning lack of introspection. He seemed to lack the ability to reflect on his actions or mistakes and acknowledge that they even existed. According to early reports, the former President’s how to guide, for growing the economy will not acknowledge the failure of his own policies. For those that have forgotten the former President’s record on economics or for those for whom the hilarity of George W. Bush, penning a text on how to grow an economy, is a joke missed, consider the analysis of Pat Garofalo from the Center For American Progress. He noted that:

Under his watch, “growth in investment, GDP, and employment all posted their worst performance of any post-war expansion,” while “overall monthly job growth was the worst of any cycle since at least February 1945, and household income growth was negative for the first cycle since tracking began in 1967.” As the Economic Policy Institute found, “between the end of the 2001 recession (2001Q4) and the peak of that expansion (2007Q4), the U.S. economy experienced the worst economic expansion of the post-war era”.

The truly concerning aspect of this story is that Mitt Romney, the current Republican Nominee for President, is vowing to enact policies very similar to George W. Bush. The reality is that in the minds of many on the right, the jury is still out on W’s  policies, which is why Bush’s book will likely find an enthusiastic audience. And why Mitt Romney, barely hesitates to propose the same, failed policies.

For Those Looking For A Great Laugh, George W. Bush’s new book will be out this summer.