Arsenio Hall is the Newest Celebrity Apprentice. Hall was once one of late night TV’s most successful talk show hosts. He brought urban cool to the mainstream, in well tailored suits. His comedy was edgy, controversial, and Hip Hop. Arsenio Hall, represented a brand of humor that was smooth, cool and rooted in African American culture. From his high top fade, to his signature bark to hype up his audience, Arsenio brought black culture into millions of homes, at a time when Late Night TV failed to represent diversity, in any meaningful way. Many African American acts gained exposure and notoriety by stopping through The Arsenio Hall Show. Even President Clinton, altered his electoral fate by playing Saxophone on Arsenio’s nationally syndicated TV Show. There was nothing like Hall on Late Night TV at the time, and arguably, there hasn’t been an African American as successful, since.

Donald Trump, the creator of Celebrity Apprentice, declared that “Arsenio Hall clearly demonstrated that he has what it takes to be a winner”. Arsenio was competing for his favorite charity, the Magic Johnson Foundation. Upon winning, the former late night host gave audiences a taste of his trademark chant; “WOOF WOOF WOOF”! In all, Hall earned $250,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation. He added that “Working With Mr. Trump and his incredible staff on “The Celebrity Apprentice” has been an honor. And last but never least-I want to congratulate my lil’ brother Clay because tonight WE are both truly winners! Reality’s Batman and Robin! I will always treasure that friendship.”

Aresenio is the first African American to win the show. We are just hoping it’s enough to get the undisputed KING of Late Night, a new TV show.

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