The Fashion Star, Jessica Simpson’s fashion based reality show, has crowned it’s first winner. Kara Laricks has proven herself to be the undisputed queen of the runway. The edgy designer began the competition with a huge stumble that nearly sent her home, early in the first episodes of the series. She tempted the judges by not creating an actual outfit to be judged. Instead, she created an accessory; a simple tie, for the judges to consider. The arrogant move, angered the judges. They nearly dismissed her. However, she fought back with innovative designs and over the duration of the season has won the hearts of the buyers, the judges and the shows enthusiastic viewers.

The Fashion Star is the only truly successful fashion-based reality show, since the inception of Project Runway. Numerous shows have come and gone but only the Fashion Star has captured the same kind of magic that Project Runway once held. A part of that magic must certainly be in the designers competing on the show. Kara vested some very stiff competition, in order to become the victor. Ronnie Escalante was a fan favorite. Nzimiro Oputa was also a major threat. Nzimiro was, arguably one of the most innovative designers in the competition. As a former Engineer, he walked away from a thriving career, angering his parents to pursue his fashion dreams. His innovative designs made men’s fashion, fun which is rare in fashion competitions. Fan boards lit up declaring Nzimiro to be the winner of the night. And perhaps they were correct. Oputa’s designs were compelling, however  in the end, Kara stood well above all of the rest. The judges made their selection based on the overall work of the competition. Oputa, may have been the best of the evening but Kara has dominated the competition since her initial stumble at the beginning of the season.

Fashion Star has been renewed for another season.

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