India has test-fired a new missile, designed with the capability of hitting major Chinese cities which means that, for the first time, India has developed the ability to militarily strike at the heart of China. The angi-V missile, has been dubbed “The China Killer” by MSNBC. It is an intercontinental ballistic missile, with a range of 5,000 km. The Agni-V missile has the ability to bear a nuclear payload and this reality makes the Angi-V a game changer. In the past, India has measured itself and its military prowess, using China as it’s measure. The desire to overcome China, economically and militarily has driven the psychology behind a great deal of India’s development. The international community has been muted in it’s response. U.S. officials have been silent while Chinese officials have tried to emphasize that they are not rattled by India. A great deal of the rhetoric coming from Beijing has minimized India’s achievement, effectively dismissing India as an upstart, attempting to pick a fight that they are destined to lose. The tensions, although unspoken are palpable. The prospect of two of the most populous nations on earth, in conflict is a freighting possibility. When we further consider the new nuclear capabilities of North Korea, the Nuclear ambitions of Iran, the rising hostility of Russia, and the perpetually turbulent middle east, the eastern hemisphere is presenting the U.S. with increasingly complex problems.

AWESOME OR AWFUL?: Tupac Hologram Inspires Talk of MJ Hologram Tour


The spectacle of Tupac Shakur, live and in the flesh-or the holographic flesh, captured the attention of the entire entertainment industry. The sight of Pac, performing with Snoop Dog, has inspired the imaginations of fans. Now, some would like to see posthumous performances from other legendary figures. At the top of the list, is the dearly departed, King of Pop- Michael Jackson. Many would like to see their favorite performer take the stage, at least one last time. And the Pac hologram, makes this possible. Jackie Jackson recently confirmed that the family is considering this. Would it be Aweful or Awesome to see the King, alive and literally, kicking?

As a one time display of technology, the Pac performance was sensational and may have been acceptable. But is there something inappropriate about delighting in these posthumas performances? Do we risk allowing some unscrupulous promoter to use the image of our favorite musicians, in ways that they themselves would have never approved? Consider that Michael, seemed reluctant to sign onto reunion tours with his brothers! I imagine managers that are gratified that they can finally, make our favorite stars do the gigs, duets and tours, they would have never agreed to. Maybe we can see a Biggie and Pac, “Together” Tour? Maybe, Pac and Mobb Deep, can put their beef aside, and unite for the world tour, they had “always” talked about (sarcasm). The whole concept becomes very creepy, very quickly. Where does this end? Who is next? Whitney, singing “I will Always Love You”?  Maybe Amy Winehouse can crune for us again. Perhaps we can attend concerts with the thin- Luther Vandross. While my musings, might seem outlandish, the internet is currently filled with much stranger requests for the new holographic technology. As an avid Tupac fan, I must admit that I was strangely intrigued by the Tupac Hologram, but the wild imaginings of rabid fans have forced me to reconsider.

Is the talk of an MJ Tour the beginning of something that we should all hope to avoid?



The fashion world has been fixated on Shanghai for the past week, in celebration of Shanghai Fashion Week, 2012. The glamourous event saw a variety of awe-inspiring looks that proved definitively, that China’s young designers have arrived and they have something significant to say about fashion. Italy’s Sforza and Mazzi, France’s Agnes B and even Dior were all present to pay their respects to the runway. However, the stars were China’s own. We have compiled a short look book of Shanghai Fashion Week for your enjoyment. Insh, designed by local designer Helen Lee was the darling of the catwalk.

Another Favorite was Zuczug by eccentric designer Wang Yiyang. The designer emphasizes his homegrown esthetic which he hones for local tastes.

And a label called Zix Guan, sported it’s Matrix Inspired looks. The designer emphasizes feminine empowerment and sites Angelina Jolie as an influence.

THREADFLIP: Website Offers A New Way To Shop


Is your closet overflowing with barely used, or worse yet, never worn clothes, shoes and handbags? Or do you like buying the hottest trends at a serious discount? A new website has found a way to address the needs of both consumers. THREADFLIP is a site that allows you to sell those outfits that are occupying your closet to cost conscious shoppers. The site is the brainchild of Manik Singh, who noticed the excess stock in his wife’s own closet. His wife and her friends, like many women, simply allowed the items to pile up as opposed to getting rid of them. Manik decided to create a trendy, slick and simple website that would allow his wife, her friends, and now YOU, to hock those closet wears. The result was a beautiful site that makes displaying, selling, shipping items a piece of cake. The gorgeous design takes photos from directly by upload or from your Facebook account and displays your goods in a compelling and uniform way. For sellers, they offer “white glove” service which helps Shepard your sold item, from one part of the nation to the other. The service even sends a dainty box to your door step with a label, ready to ship. The group even has an app. If your looking for a good deal or a way to monazite that dress that your never going to wear, try Threadflip. And let us know, what you think.

Jerry Seinfeld & Acura Superbowl Ad: Dark-Skinned Blacks Need Not Apply


TMZ is reporting that Acura, in casting documents for its Superbowl Ad, specifically asked for an African American salesmen, but also demanded that he not be “TOO DARK”. The request was specified in Casting Call Documents. They demanded that the actor or actress be, “Nice Looking, Friendly, Not Too Dark”. Hollywood has faced criticism  for its resistance to casting African Americans and its constantly negative depiction of the black community. Black actors have often complained about the availability of work. The current saga sheds light on their plight. Not only do African American thespians have to compete for sparse roles but apparently, Hollywood continues to promote the notion that only certain kinds of African Americans are camera friendly. The shameful Acura ad is posted below. Kudos to TMZ for an Amazing scoop, which we have also linked to:



The details are sparse but the arrangement is a near certainty. Britney Spears will be hosting Simon Cowell’s, X-FACTOR. Britney may have seen a decline in her super-star status but she still commands quite a pay check. Early rumors suggest that the singer will net, 15 Million Dollars for the gig. Whether viewers will flock to the show because of her presence, is an open question. However, the extra star power can’t hurt.  Worthy wishes Britney all the luck in the world and continued success!

FEAR vs. HOPE: Which Is More Powerful?

Editorial, Featured

The Mitt Romney campaign is reeling this morning as it contemplates the best strategy for dealing with one of it’s supporters controversial comments. Ted Nugent, a legendary musician and Romney supporter, set off a firestorm yesterday when he warned that if President Barack Obama, were re-elected he would “be in jail or dead”. He further signaled that the current President’s re-election would drive him to violence by comparing the President to a coyote that had invaded the homes of the American people and urinated on their furniture. “Its not the coyotes fault…” said Nugent, “its your fault for not shooting the coyote”. Nugent’s comments have drawn surprisingly little reaction from Republicans and right wing pundits. Few if any, have condemned Nugent’s threats of violence. The silence is most notable from Mitt Romney himself. The refusal to comment is striking in part because it contrasts directly with a recent controversy in which a prominent Democrat (Hilary Rosen) insulted Romney and his wife. Republicans demanded that virtually every democrat, including the President repudiate the comments (which they did condemn, publicly).

Nugent wasn’t the only Romney supporter that made noteworthy comments yesterday. Congressman Louie Gomert was asked if he was enthusiastic about voting for Romney. He replied that he was more “desperate than excited”. The Romney campaign has faced a single persistent problem. No one in the Republican Party, let alone the country, is excited about his candidacy. Romney’s own party has no faith in his core values or policies. Romney won his primary by drowning his republican opponents in cash. He ran ads that most in his own party regarded as demonstrably false.Unfortunately, when a candidate cannot inspire his base through the power of his personage, he must inspire them through fear.

In November, the Fear Strategy will be expanded to the general electorate. The Republicans will argue that the nation will not survive if President Obama is re-elected. They will not persuade voters through the power of their ideas; they will instead rely on the dread inspired by imagined consequences. Unlike the Republicans, President Obama cannot run, by attempting to prove a negative. He will have to defend his record and his ideas. Although, insiders are warning that the re-election campaign will be more aggressive then the first election, President Obama will likely run on some variation of his 2008 slogan of Hope and Change. The 2012 race will be a choice between Hope and Fear. Which is truly more powerful? Will Hope triumph of Fear? We will see.

CHESS IS COOL IN BROOKLYN PUBLIC SCHOOL: Middle School Challenges Stereotypes


Most urban schools have been characterized and characatured for violence, drugs, and low education standards. In such places, students are discouraged from intellectual endeavors and are reluctantly corralled into athletic pursuits as their only chance for success. In most of these high schools the heroes are on the football or basketball team. But a high school in the heart of Brooklyn is defying all of the stereotypes of urban education and winning spectacular acclaim, in the process.

Intermediate School 318, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a middle school that has made Chess it’s hallmark. IS 318 is a Middle School and yet they have just become the first middle school ever to win the National High-school Championship (held by the United States Chess Federation). At IS 318 Chess is better than sports. The children idolize certified Chess Masters, a status achieved by at least two of the teams African American members. At IS 318 varsity letters are not the emblem of esteem, chess trophies are the ultimate sign of achievement.

The Middle school serves as a reminder of “the possible”. IS 318 is not a rich public school or one of the often mythologized charter schools. It is a public school, in which 60% of the student body hales from families that live below the poverty line. The students at IS 318 learn critical thinking skills and sharpen their aptitude for strategy. They prove that many of the charges leveled at public schools are often wrong. A new documentary, “Brooklyn Castle” attempts to capture the incredible story of this middle school. The success of the school has required a significant investment. Every student at IS 318 gets to take an initial chess course and then choose to continue the pursuit in elective courses. But this has required dedicated classrooms, specialized instructors and significant resources.  Like many extracurricular programs, the Chess Program and school are facing cuts. Readers can donate to the program by visiting,

Enjoy the promotional video for “Brooklyn Castle”, the documentary on IS 318



Ted Nugent is a rock n’ roll legend. He is also a right-wing republican and ultra popular speaker and pundit for prominent Republicans. He is a favorite guest of Sean Hannity and a constant fixture for right wing politicians, like Sarah Palin and Rick Perry.

Today, at an NRA (National Rifle Association) conference Nugent threatened death and violence if Mitt Romney did not win the November elections. The very popular, regular pundit of Fox News, was flanked by machine guns, when he warned that “If Barack Obama becomes the President in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year”. Nugent was emphatic in his praise of candidate, Mitt Romney. He admonished the crowd of cheering fans, that the government was “wiping it’s ass with the Constitution”. As Nugent insisted that the President doesn’t “even like the Constitution” the crowd signaled it’s approval. The rocker implored the NRA’s loyal attendees to bring potential Romney supporters to the polls. He stated that the future of the nation was dependent upon Mitt Romney winning the election, noting that “If you can’t galvanize and promote and recruit people to vote for Mitt Romney, we’re done”. He told the adoring crowd that “We need to ride into the battlefield and chop their heads off in November”.

Nugent’s comments followed Mitt Romney’s own speech to the NRA, yesterday. His comments are also somewhat unoriginal as they are common place claims in right wing media. The idea that America cannot survive another term of President Obama is a constant refrain of the right. Nugent’s comments are also a less reserved parody of Mitt Romney’s speech to the NRA. Romney portrayed himself as the champion of freedom in his speech and he suggested that President Obama was a direct threat to our nation’s freedom. ” We need a President who will stand up for the rights of hunters, sportsmen and those who seek to protect their home and family. President Obama has not; I will”. He accused the President of attempting to “browbeat” the Supreme Court. He warned that in a second term, President Obama would threaten the right to bear arms.

It should be noted that President Obama has taken no action against gun ownership and that in many ways he has liberalized the right to carry weapons. Despite his relatively friendly policies gun owners have been fed a steady diet of conspiracies regarding President Obama’s hostility towards gun ownership. Shortly after the President’s election, gun stores were besieged by consumers who believed (largely as a result of talk radio) that the President was going to artificially raise the price of bullets (the equivalent of Chris Rock’s famous joke).

Thus far Mitt Romney has offered no comment on Ted Nugent’s controversial comments or his advocacy of his bid for the Presidency.



Ellen Degeneris is not known as an intrepid investigative journalist, but yesterday she broke a fashion exclusive. Ellen revealed the First Lady’s Prom Dress, which was notable for it’s incredibly high and revealing slit. The awfully tempting gown, reveals the slit as the future First Lady posed in a wicker throne. When Ellen pointed out the seductive accent, the First Lady emphasized that she would never allow her daughters to dawn such an outfit. She jokingly asked that Ellen not show her daughters. The First Lady was at a an event celebrating the children of military families which (we are sure) added to the pressure she felt to disavow her youthful fashion choices. Ellen was an excellent sport and revealed her own, hideous Prom Gown as well!