Deion Sanders, has filed charges against his wife, for allegedly assaulting him, in front of their children. Deion and Pilar Sanders have been enduring a terrible and very public divorce. This latest incident occurred, in their home. Deion alleges that his wife and a friend, jumped him in the presence of their children. The details of the violent altercation are not being disclosed. Deion, seems to have gone the extra mile, to ensure that every moment of the ordeal was publicly catalogued-which will come in handy during their divorce proceedings. Sanders tweeted, late Monday that his children had “just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room”.

The saddest and perhaps most telling aspect of the event came, when Deion, tweeted a picture of his children, filling out police reports, against their mother!

Its worth noting that this was not the first violent exchange, which resulted in police involvement. In February, Pilar Sanders called the police, alleging that she was assaulted by  Deion’s female associate. Pilar claimed at the time, that a woman named Laura arrived at Deion’s mansion and was turned away, by Pilar. When Laura refused to leave, as Pilar requested, Pilar was struck in the eye, with an object thrown by Laura. Pilar found a phone and called 911. No arrests were made. The Sander’s divorce was initiated by Pilar, who claimed that Deion had engaged in numerous trysts with several mistresses.  Among the women was a 20 year old model, Aleea Stanton.


Deion was also allegedly involved with Tracey Edmonds, the ex-wife of Babyface (song writer and mega producer). Edmonds is also the ex of Eddie Murphy. Pilar was attempting to extract depositions from the string of mistresses. The women, were uncooperative which lead to accusations that Deion had bribed the women with money, to keep quiet about their affairs.

It is worth noting that Deion, stands to gain considerably from the meticulous record he has publicly collected on this latest incident. If he can establish that Pilar has engaged in episodes of violence, during their marriage or even, during the divorce proceedings, he could have considerable leverage to deny her, custody or child support of any kind  (I’m just saying……….).

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