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Apparently, the first thing Tyra Banks learned at Harvard, was how to be ruthless. The super-model and mogul is cleaning house at America’s Next Top Model. She has fired the fierce Miss J and his walk. Also out is the long time host of the show, Mr. Jay and Nigel Barker, the renowned photographer. There have been countless attempts to recreate the success of Tyra’s modeling reality tv show and yet none have been nearly as successful . Some would argue that its the talent (cast-judges) that has made America’s Next Top Model, a mega franchise. Miss J, chief among the judges, has branded the show with the fierceness of her walk and his gender bending, characteristic vamp. After 9 years of faithful service, Tyra has dismissed the personalities and talent that arguably made America’s Next Top Model, a mega success.

From Tyra’s perspective, AMNTM has grown a bit stale. Any show with the same cast, for nearly 9 years, is likely to bore it’s audience. TV shows must evolve and AMNTM has certainly experienced a decline as it has essentially preserved the original formula that initiated it’s success. Tyra, wants the show to go in a new direction. She wants to incorporate new personalities from the social media landscape; bloggers, web stars and the web’s organically grown fashion experts. Ooor, maybe Ms. J pissed Tyra off?

Worthy Readers, how do you feel about Tyra’s decision?

One thought on “TYRA FIRES TOP MODEL JUDGES: Miss J Is Out!

  1. I guess I will not be watching this show even in passing. How could she get rid of the two hotties and the fierce yet fabulous Miss Jay!

    Tyra is great but nothing in comparison!

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