THINK LIKE A MAN: The Reviews Are In!


UPDATED: Think Like A Man, took the top spot in the weekend’s box office with 33.6 million dollars. The incredible achievement could prove to skeptical Hollywood big wigs that positive movies, with large African American casts, are indeed viable! Some are even suggesting that TLM could revitalize the dying romantic comedy genre. Perhaps this success will lead to an increase in quality roles for African American actors.  The movie’s cast took the time to post thank-you videos for fans!

The Seattle Post Intelligencer Says: “Think Like A Man is surprisingly funny. What drives the film is comedian Kevin Hart who plays Cedric, the film’s narrator and  a man going through a divorce who’s not optimistic about his friend’s relationships. Hart’s hilarious antics helped insure the film’s romantic drama did not outweigh the comedy. Fans of the book and moviegoers will appreciate his performance.Romany Malco (The 40 Year Old Virgin) and Megan Good steal the show as the film’s most believable couple. Zeke, the smooth talking player, runs into Mya, the girl who just implemented her ninety-day rule. Their relationship is funny, caring, and most of all interesting.  Watching the two attempting to date with separate agendas is some of the film’s best dramatic and comedic moment