If you think of Kim Kardashian as lacking substance, you may need to reconsider your presumptions. Kim K has a very serious and ambitious side. She is in fact, so serious that the undisputed Queen of Reality TV is nursing plans to run for Mayor of her hometown, Glendale in 2017. Glendale, has one of the highest concentrations of Armenians in the country and provides Kim with a sizable base of potential voters. Kardashian has cultivated her relationship with the Armenian community for some time now. (The Woman Has Foresight). Kardashian’s goal has found some advocates. A local councilman and former city mayor, Ara Najarian has even offered to make Kim his honorary Chief of Staff to allow her to learn about local governance. The First thing Kim will have to learn, is that the Office of Mayor in Glendale, California is not an elected position! It is however, a title granted to elected commissioners or prominent citizens in Glendale. So Kim does have a chance at the position.

Kim K. For Mayor? Worthy Readers, will you be chanting, “Go Kim Go”. Or, “Go Kim. Go! (away)”

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