AWESOME OR AWFUL?: Tupac Hologram Inspires Talk of MJ Hologram Tour


The spectacle of Tupac Shakur, live and in the flesh-or the holographic flesh, captured the attention of the entire entertainment industry. The sight of Pac, performing with Snoop Dog, has inspired the imaginations of fans. Now, some would like to see posthumous performances from other legendary figures. At the top of the list, is the dearly departed, King of Pop- Michael Jackson. Many would like to see their favorite performer take the stage, at least one last time. And the Pac hologram, makes this possible. Jackie Jackson recently confirmed that the family is considering this. Would it be Aweful or Awesome to see the King, alive and literally, kicking?

As a one time display of technology, the Pac performance was sensational and may have been acceptable. But is there something inappropriate about delighting in these posthumas performances? Do we risk allowing some unscrupulous promoter to use the image of our favorite musicians, in ways that they themselves would have never approved? Consider that Michael, seemed reluctant to sign onto reunion tours with his brothers! I imagine managers that are gratified that they can finally, make our favorite stars do the gigs, duets and tours, they would have never agreed to. Maybe we can see a Biggie and Pac, “Together” Tour? Maybe, Pac and Mobb Deep, can put their beef aside, and unite for the world tour, they had “always” talked about (sarcasm). The whole concept becomes very creepy, very quickly. Where does this end? Who is next? Whitney, singing “I will Always Love You”?  Maybe Amy Winehouse can crune for us again. Perhaps we can attend concerts with the thin- Luther Vandross. While my musings, might seem outlandish, the internet is currently filled with much stranger requests for the new holographic technology. As an avid Tupac fan, I must admit that I was strangely intrigued by the Tupac Hologram, but the wild imaginings of rabid fans have forced me to reconsider.

Is the talk of an MJ Tour the beginning of something that we should all hope to avoid?

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