Jerry Seinfeld & Acura Superbowl Ad: Dark-Skinned Blacks Need Not Apply


TMZ is reporting that Acura, in casting documents for its Superbowl Ad, specifically asked for an African American salesmen, but also demanded that he not be “TOO DARK”. The request was specified in Casting Call Documents. They demanded that the actor or actress be, “Nice Looking, Friendly, Not Too Dark”. Hollywood has faced criticism  for its resistance to casting African Americans and its constantly negative depiction of the black community. Black actors have often complained about the availability of work. The current saga sheds light on their plight. Not only do African American thespians have to compete for sparse roles but apparently, Hollywood continues to promote the notion that only certain kinds of African Americans are camera friendly. The shameful Acura ad is posted below. Kudos to TMZ for an Amazing scoop, which we have also linked to:

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