VOGUE PARIS: Debuts In English

Fashion, News

VOGUE is the undisputed standard of fashion magazines. The coveted fashion book is a global commodity, with unique, culturally centric versions in multiple countries. Vogue Italia has been available in english, for some time now but Vogue in Paris has only been available in it’s native tongue. The world is about to change for global lovers of Fashion. Vogue In Paris, will now be offered in English as well, on the world wide web. The site, Vogue.fr will mimic Vogue Italia (Vogue.it) and will have a small tab at the top, marked-ENG, for english. American readers will finally be able to enjoy the trends of the world’s fashion capital, by simply clicking on the ENG-tab. The debut of the bi-lingual Vogue In Paris option, will be on April 16, 2012. Vogue is apparently not content with it’s domination of the English speaking and European world. Vogue Thailand is also in the works and might be available as early as 2013.

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