OPERATION: A Short Film Made With An IPHONE 4S


Did you know that your iPhone can make movies? Of course you did. We have all seen those shaky home videos and those youtube clips, captured on grainy cell phone cameras but the iPhone 4S is capable of so much more. You can create film quality movies on your IPhone 4S. A recent short film called Operation is showing the world what the iPhone Can Do. The movie is a short satirical film but the quality of the movie is incredible. Instead of perspective movie makers, pining for the day that they will be able  to buy the latest $5000 camera, they could simply whip their phones out of their pockets and start making films. The innovations in technology are astonishing. If you have ever thought about making a movie, perhaps you should start cutting your teeth on your iPhone 4S. You can start by downloading, Filmic Pro which costs a measly $3.99. We have posted the short film, OPERATION and a behind the scenes video which details how to make a similar production. WORTHY MAGAZINE Wants you to follow your dreams!

Learn How To Make Films With Your iPhone 4S


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