DRAKE IS JEWISH AND PROUD: Embraces Roots In New Video


Drake, of the Young Money crew is at the top of his game. Success has given him the opportunity to experiment boldly, with themes, style and imagery. In his latest video, Drake-or Aubrey, proudly embraces his Jewish ancestry and gives the diverse audience of Hip Hop exposure to cultural scenes that are foreign to some. His latest video, HYFR shows scenes filmed outside of a Jewish Temple and some scenes filmed inside as Aubrey partakes in Jewish traditions. Of course the video devolves into an alcohol driven, orgy of entertainment but that was to be expected. The scenes include a traditional Bar Mitzvah, as Drake receives the Rabbi’s blessing and a custom, in which Drake recites an oratory before his guests who celebrate his efforts with a raucous party. We love the Cultural Infusions of HYFR and the exposure outsiders are granted to such a personal experience, crucial in the development of young Jewish Men. We’ve posted the video for your enjoyment. SHALOM!