UNIVERSAL MUSIC: The Congo’s African Orchestra and Their Global Fans

Over the past weekend, 60 minutes concluded their program with an inspiring profile on the Orchestra Symphonique Kimbanguiste of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the only symphony in Central Africa and the only all-black orchestra in the world. The profile closed in on the universal appeal of music and gave an unexpected face to classics such as Handel’s Messiah. Viewers were able to watch in adoration as the powerful and heavenly melodic voices of the 200- member symphony bounced off the walls of their intimate concert hall. Although French is the national language of the Congo, 60 Minutes aired performances of symphony members as they performed German classics as well.

The special was a beautifully sound reminder of the power and reach of music.

Watch the special here:


Watch the Orchestra Symphonique Kimbanguiste perform “Handel’s Messiah.”