TEXTS FROM HILLARY: Most Popular Political Blog (LMFAO)

The Internet’s new crush is a new blog, with a decidedly political bent. Texts From Hillary has shot to the top of the search engines with a simple concept, a handful of photos and a hilarious premise. The Web site pairs a simple picture of Hillary Clinton, texting on her black berry, with brilliant captions that reveals the content of the Secretary of State’s personal messages. On the Tumblr site, the Secretary offers her advice to Sarah Palin, snide retorts and even a few pranks on notable celebrities. People instantly became addicted to the site but the Secretary herself also became a big fan!

Hillary met with the two bloggers who made the site, “Texts From Hillary” Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith. The two bloggers received an e-mail from Hillary Clinton’s staff inviting them to a meeting with Clinton at the State Department. Clinton’ s staff gave the two bloggers Clinton’s ideas to post which resulted in the scrunchie joke on their site. The two were happy to get an idea from Hillary Clinton and discussed it at the meeting. She told them that her favorite post was the one with her texting Ryan Gosling.

Here are Some of our favorites from Texts From Hillary! (http://textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com/)