TEXTS FROM HILLARY: Most Popular Political Blog (LMFAO)


The Internet’s new crush is a new blog, with a decidedly political bent. Texts From Hillary has shot to the top of the search engines with a simple concept, a handful of photos and a hilarious premise. The Web site pairs a simple picture of Hillary Clinton, texting on her black berry, with brilliant captions that reveals the content of the Secretary of State’s personal messages. On the Tumblr site, the Secretary offers her advice to Sarah Palin, snide retorts and even a few pranks on notable celebrities. People instantly became addicted to the site but the Secretary herself also became a big fan!

Hillary met with the two bloggers who made the site, “Texts From Hillary” Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith. The two bloggers received an e-mail from Hillary Clinton’s staff inviting them to a meeting with Clinton at the State Department. Clinton’ s staff gave the two bloggers Clinton’s ideas to post which resulted in the scrunchie joke on their site. The two were happy to get an idea from Hillary Clinton and discussed it at the meeting. She told them that her favorite post was the one with her texting Ryan Gosling.

Here are Some of our favorites from Texts From Hillary! (http://textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com/)

RICKI LAKE ELOPES: In Secret Wedding


Ricki Lake was once one of day time television’s most popular talk show hosts and today she is a blushing bride. At the youthful age of 43, she has remarried, in a secret ceremony in southern california. Our only insight on the event comes from Lake herself, and the pictures she has tweeted to her fans. Ricki was married before but divorced in 2003. After swearing off marriage forever, the starlet fell in love with Christian Evans. The picture from above is of Lake in a gorgeous and appropriate wedding gown. Ricki and her new hubby haven’t been courting very long. She met him at the age of 42 and he proposed to her in Spain, shortly thereafter. We wish Ricki Lake and her new man, all the joy in the world (And a new Talk Show! or Reality Series!)

JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON: Shooter Will Be Charged!




Trayvon Martin was shot and killed well over a month ago but today, the slain teenager will have justice. Worthy Magazine has learned that the prosecutor’s office will be holding a press conference at 6pm, eastern, during which she will announce charges for George Zimmerman.

BACKGROUND (Skip If Familiar with Case)

In the immediate after math of the shooting the Sanford Police Department essentially exonerated George Zimmerman-the alleged shooter.The incident was clouded by mystery. It occurred at night time. It was dark and raining. Martin was wearing the now famous, hoodie to protect himself from the rain. It was the hoodie which arroused Zimmerman’s notice. He regarded the teenager as being out of place and inherently suspicious. Trayvon was walking home, carrying skittles and ice tea. Audio tapes of  Zimmerman, introduced baffling new details for both sides of the conflict. We learned that Zimmerman began following the teen. We then learned from Trayvon’s girl friend that he noticed Zimmerman following him. Martin walked faster but noticed that Zimmerman sped up. The audio tapes confirmed that Zimmerman then began running after Trayvon. The teenage victim tried to escape.  From the perspective of both, we can say that Zimmerman pursued and Trayvon tried to elude him. Both wound up in a struggle. Zimmerman claimed that he was attacked by the teenage victim. Zimmerman claimed to have had a broken nose as a result of the fight, but conflicting reports have raised doubts about this reality. Zimmerman claimed that Martin was slamming his head into the concrete, but witnesses confirmed that the struggle took place in the grass, away from the sidewalk. A tape surfaced showing Zimmerman with few if any scars. His shirt was tucked in and he appeared to be relatively unscathed for someone engaged in a “struggle for his life”. The lead investigator on the scene of the crime, wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter but he was over ruled by the chief of police. Conflicting witness accounts confirmed a struggle but varied between Zimmerman being the dominant figure and Trayvon overcoming Zimmerman. A tape surfaced with screams and pleas for help, right before the sound of the shots that killed Trayvon. Zimmerman’s lawyers claimed that the pleas for help came from Zimmerman, but vocal analysis eliminated Zimmerman as the source for the terrified voice. The nation was shocked into action as the image of a child, pleading for his life became the dominant image of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman’s lawyers, recently introduced the idea that George may have been in fear of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”. They claimed that he could have feared his “brain” being bruised “inside of his head”. After floating the explanation, a series of advocates for Zimmerman surfaced and support for Zimmerman became a “rightwing” cause. The involvement of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson created a partisan and racial dividing line. Fox News became the preferred outlet for the Zimmerman clan and its defenders. Sean Hannity held private discussions with Zimmerman and Geraldo Rivera (of Fox News) blamed teenagers for wearing hoodies. When he confessed that he chides his own children for wearing clothes that make them look like hoodlums, rallys were organized all over the country as teens and adults dawned hoodies, in defiance of the notion that an article of clothing alone, could make someone look suspicious. Despite the vigorous defense and partisan divide that emerged, a consensus emerged and now, Geoerge Zimmerman will be charged in the incident.


The prosecutor in this case is Angela Corey a hard nosed, tough as nails, litigator. She is generally considered to empathize with the victims of crime and offer offenders very little mercy. She made national news with her decision to charge a 12 year old as an adult, when he beat his 2 year old, half-brother, to death. The decision was controversial, but again, Angela Corey does not empathize with the defendant. She is an advocate for the victim! When Corey was elected to her post as state attorney, she became the first woman to ever hold the position. She is tenacious and fiery. And at 6pm she will become the woman that brings justice to Trayvon Martin, and his grieving family!

CAN SHE WIN? Elizabeth Warren Ties Scott Brown for Senate Seat





Women are rare in the profession of politics and even more rare, are women in the U.S. Senate. Elizabeth Warren intends to join the exclusive club of the Senate but she has been met by the compelling political force of Scott Brown. Scott Brown, was a former state legislator and former Nude model. He became a national celebrity when he captured Ted Kennedy’s old seat. Brown’s victory was particularly impressive because he is a Republican. Ted Kennedy was known as the democratic “Lion of the Senate”. Brown, an obscure state legislator was able to run for Kennedy’s old post in part because most Republicans considered it to be a fools errand. No one believed that in Massachusetts, the heart of liberal America, a Republican could take Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat. Brown’s victory was literally witnessed all over the country. The nation seemed to pause as the throne of Camelot was captured. The republicans were eager to brandish Brown as their greatest trophy. Many even began suggesting that he could be President or at minimum, Vice President. But that was quite a while ago. Since his election, Brown has proven himself to be far too independent and liberally minded, for the tastes of most in his party. His tendency to break with his party however, has made him a bit of a hometown hero. He is as popular as ever, much to the chagrin of most democrats. However imposing Mr. Brown’s popularity is, it hasn’t discouraged a challenge from Elizabeth Warren, who is challenging Brown for the Senate Seat.

Warren became a national heroine with her advocacy of the Consumer Protection Buereu. She became the President’s secret weapon in promoting the reform of complex financial regulations. Warren was able to discuss the complexity of Wall Street’s financial shenanigans, with a clarity unparalleled by any in the country. She had long been a serious thinker of the left, but her vocal advocacy for consumer protections, made her a star. If Occupy Wall-street has a mother, the undisputed parent is Elizabeth Warren. But the brilliant professor is facing fierce opposition from the charming and handsome, Brown. The contest has put the financial kingpins of the Republican Party up against the small dollar donations of the Democrats liberal base. The Republicans are willing to wager and sell limbs to hold on to Kennedy’s seat and to keep the nation’s most successful consumer advocate as far from the halls of power, as possible. Despite the outside flood of GOP cash and effort, Warren seems to be standing tall. The polls on the race have vacillated. In some polls Warren is nipping at Brown’s heels and in others she’s taking out his shins, soccer style. Despite her successes, the race is closer than anyone could have predicted. The two are virtually tied. However, strong her position, its still a surprise that Brown is even a factor in the race. The left in Massachusetts has found a candidate that is beloved, and yet an out of place Republican, is still in contention for a senate seat, in arguably the nations greatest bastion of progressivism. Can Warren Win? It remains to be seen. She has run a campaign that has been flawless thus far. The rhetoric she has employed has been picked up by the President himself and (some might say) has been responsible for the progressive pose that has resulted in his renewed popularity. Warren has then, twice saved the Democrats and their agenda. But can she save herself?