The Women of America will be given a special gift from Ebony Magazine, on Mother’s Day. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, will dawn the cover of the publication, in celebration of Mother’s Day. The Issue, which debut’s on April 17, 2012, features the First Lady in a gorgeous and flattering blue dress which reveals her signature, sculpted arms. The first lady uses the interview to discuss her Let’s Move Campaign, which emphasizes the importance of physical activity and exercise. The First Lady explains that exercise is crucial to the President’s ability to handle the pressures of the life in the White House. Ebony offers readers a rare glimpse into the intimate relationship between the President and his daughters, as the First Lady dishes on some of his interactions with his daughters. The Ebony portrait of the First Family is one of the most revealing and will offer fans and foes of the President a new vantage on an often misunderstood family.

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