Will the next “Bachelor” be an African American? ABC has yet to confirm that it has indeed selected Lamar Hurd, a Portland based sportscaster as it’s next bachelor on it’s hit TV series, “The Bachelor”. Lamar was apparently not seeking the coveted title, yet his assistant submitted an application for him. The fate of Hurd and all of the other Bachelor wannabes rests with the shows producers. Hurd would be a risk. Its unclear how the shows audience will respond to having an African American love interest. Some speculate that it could drive the shows remaining viewers away. Others suggest that this is just the shot in the arm that the Bachelor needs. They suggest that the show has become stilted, scripted, predictable and dull. It seems odd that America is ready for an African American President, but we question the nation’s readiness for a black “Bachelor”. This could simply be another example of how the nation evolves much faster then its most powerful brokers. Is America Ready For A Black Bachelor? I think we can safely assure ABC that we are. There is no need to hem, haw and second guess. America will be just fine. ABC should base it’s decision solely on Mr. Hurd’s qualifications. Is he rich (as the Bachelor must be). Is he a compelling character for television? Is he better for the role, then the other applicants? If the answer is yes (ABC) Cast Him. If he isn’t well then, maybe next season!


  1. I think that its a great idea and I would love to be on the show! He is a very attractive.

    I wish him the best of luck in this. But I do hope to see an update once the show airs, since I don’t usually have time to watch it.

    Thank you

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