Sarah Palin-will host NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday Morning. The hosting gig has Palin facing off against her infamous nemesis, Katie Couric, who will simultaneously be hosting ABC’s Good Morning America. The television world is writhing with anticipation, to see if Palin will finally get the best of the woman, Palin claims ambushed her in an interview during the 2008 Presidential contest. Sarah Palin began her career as a newscaster and its been suggested that she has longed to return to a similar role. Rumors once circulated about a potential Fox talk show but it never materialized. Considering, Palin’s popularity (amongst right leaning americans) it has seemed odd that Palin has been unable to find a spot on network (or even) cable television. However, her reputation has taken a significant blow since the 2008 race. Questions have been raised about her intellect and expertise and undercut her ability to sound off as an authority on any topic. NBC, is in a ratings fight and some, including Meredith Vieira ( the former host of the Today Show) explain the Palin invite as a desperate manuver for ratings. Some fans of the show are outraged, but others are anxious to witness the spectacle. NBC has been described as notoriously liberal but it’s willingness to include the most popular icon of modern conservatism has the makings for fantastic television.

Worthy Readers, will you watch Sarah Palin on Tuesday Morning?

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