Heavy D, one of Hip Hops Founding Fathers died of a Pulmonary Embolism, caused by a blood clot that likely travelled from his leg and to his heart-as a result of a long flight from Europe. The “Over Weight Lover” was performing at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales (according to TMZ). Pulmonary Embolisms are often caused by long periods of inactivity or immobilization. It is unfortunate that such a benign activity was able to end the life of a true legend. Heavy D helped establish Hip Hop as a mainstream force with hits like “Now That We Found Love”, which he released with his signature group, Heavy D and The Boys. Later in his career, “Heave” continued to produce music. He was the principle force behind the first release off of NAS’S new album. The title track is called the Don, and Nas gives the legendary rapper final props.

Ashton Kutcher To Play Steve Jobs

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The new projects seem to keep rollin in for Ashton Kutcher. According to reports, Ashton is slated to play the brilliant mind that was behind the success of the unstoppable force known as Apple. Ashton will be playing the late Steve Jobs in an upcoming film entitled Jobs. The film will chronicle Jobs life from his hippie days to his final days as the CEO and co-founder of Apple. Shooting for the film will begin in May which is when Ashton will be on hiatus from Two and Half Men. Additional details will emerge as filming commences.



Sarah Palin-will host NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday Morning. The hosting gig has Palin facing off against her infamous nemesis, Katie Couric, who will simultaneously be hosting ABC’s Good Morning America. The television world is writhing with anticipation, to see if Palin will finally get the best of the woman, Palin claims ambushed her in an interview during the 2008 Presidential contest. Sarah Palin began her career as a newscaster and its been suggested that she has longed to return to a similar role. Rumors once circulated about a potential Fox talk show but it never materialized. Considering, Palin’s popularity (amongst right leaning americans) it has seemed odd that Palin has been unable to find a spot on network (or even) cable television. However, her reputation has taken a significant blow since the 2008 race. Questions have been raised about her intellect and expertise and undercut her ability to sound off as an authority on any topic. NBC, is in a ratings fight and some, including Meredith Vieira ( the former host of the Today Show) explain the Palin invite as a desperate manuver for ratings. Some fans of the show are outraged, but others are anxious to witness the spectacle. NBC has been described as notoriously liberal but it’s willingness to include the most popular icon of modern conservatism has the makings for fantastic television.

Worthy Readers, will you watch Sarah Palin on Tuesday Morning?