The Men Behind INKDLIFE Clothing


Interview by: Pasha Gray

INKDLIFE Clothing was started in 2010 out of Brooklyn, New York. The brand was created by founders TAT and SWAGG, two heavily tattooed individuals raised out of Brooklyn NY. The inspiration behind the brand was created by their sole love for tattoos. INKDLIFE clothing started with one T-Shirt that stated “Ink or Die,” this T-Shirt was revealed at the 2011 Urban Ink convention in NY and the response was BIG. INKDLIFE clothing is inspired by  the tattoo lifestyle with slogans such as “Ink My Whole Body”, “Scarred For Life”, and “Fly Ink” just to name a few. The unique thing about INKDLIFE clothing is our CUSTOMERS CAN RELATE TO OUR BRAND. Our slogan is simple “INKDLIFE Clothing where Fashion and Ink collide.” “It’s not just a brand it’s a Lifestyle.”


Tell me about INKDLIFE clothing.

 Swagg: INKDLIFE clothing is a brand that was inspired by the tattoo lifestyle that we both live.

  How did INKDLIFE clothing come about?

Tat: It’s simple Swagg and I have a found love for ink and fashion, so we just combined the two and created InkdLife clothing “Where fashion and Ink collide” “It’s not just a brand its a lifestyle”.

 I honestly never heard of anything clothing wise that catered to people with tattoos because for so long tattoos have been this forbidden thing “sinful” and now it’s becoming more acceptable but how will you overcome the adversity that still exists?

Tat: We will overcome the adversity that exist due to the fact that this INKDLIFE that we live is a worldwide thing, People have become more open minded when it comes to tattoos. You can find beautiful art work on doctors, cops, lawyers, and just your average everyday person.

I have to ask the annoying question how many tattoos do you both have?

Swagg: That’s funny that you ask us that because we really don’t know, we both started getting ink at a young age. To be honest we both could have at least $40,000 worth of ink combined. Yeah we live this INKDLIFE for real.

 What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

Tat: The first clothing was a T-shirt that stated “Ink or Die” which we showcased at the Urban Ink convention and the response was big.

What is the general process you go through to design a piece?

Swagg: Really we just try to be very creative and different.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

Swagg: We get our design inspiration from the current tattoo slang’s that are used now such as “ink my whole body”, “fly ink”, “kiss my ink” etc.

What kind of looks are you creating to cater to the ladies and of course the fellas?

Swagg: We are going for a real sexy look for the females, Tattoos on a female canvas is a very sexy thing. So we would like our brand to make our ladies feel sexy when they are wearing our garments. For our fellas, we are going for that clean look. Nice fitted garments still on the sexy side, all original pieces.

What matters to you the most as a designer?

Swagg: What matters to us the most is being different, we are in a lane of our own. Our line is nothing like what’s out there rite now.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Tat: This is a hard one. Our fashion sense is so broad is hard to just name a few.

What does fashion mean to you?

Tat & Swagg: Fashion means creativity and self- expression

Where do you see INKDLIFE clothing in 5 years?

Tat: Hopefully worldwide in some major stores such as Macys, Saks 5th, etc that would be a dream come true for us.

Where can the readers find your clothing line at?

Tat: The readers can find our line at


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