Spending Money Fast


Blowin Money Fast-isn’t just a Rick Ross song, its also apparently, the motto of the Mitt Romney Campaign. Mitt Romney is the current front runner in the GOP race, however that success has come at a substantial premium. Mitt Romney has spent at least 38 Million Dollars, outspending his competitors by several orders of magnitude. Newt Gingrich has spent approximately 9.7 million and Rick Santorum, who just bested Romney in 2 southern states, has only spent 6 million. Victory for Romney has come via the sheer force of his money. In Michigan, Romney’s home state Mitt Romney barely garnered victory, with 41% of the vote compared to Santorums 38%. He also spent 4.3 million dollars in his home state, while Rick Santorum spent a relatively humble 2.3 million. The prize for outspending his opponent 2:1, was 2 more delegates than Santorum (Santorum received 14 delegates, Romney received 16 delegates). Romney has had to outspend his opponent by as much 10:1 (in Arizona) and on average he is outspending Rick Santorum by 6:1 (and 4:1 against Gingrich). For Romney victory seems possible, only when he can drown his opponents in cash, which raises questions about his viability in the general election. It is unlikely that Mitt Romney will be able to outspend President Obama in comparable ratios. The Obama Campaign is amassing a tremendous war chest and will likely match Romney, dollar for dollar-if GOP contributors can continue to generate the huge sums, required to make Romney an appealing candidate. The GOP is forced to ask how it can afford to go into battle with Mr. Romney as their standard bearer, when such massive funds are required to carry him over-even favorable finish lines. Earlier this week, Newt Gingrich called Mitt Romney, the weakest front runner since 1920. The evidence for his statement is found, in Mitt Romney’s own campaign spending!

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