Kim Kardashian & Kanye West



JAY-Z has Beyonce, but does Kanye have Kim Kardashian? Rumors are swirling about suggesting that Kanye, and Kim K, just might be the latest power couple. Kanye, is at the top of his game; he’s a successful luxury-wear designer and arguably the most successful music producer, in the game. He is certainly, on her level (in terms of status), but is he really, the one. Kim K, has yet to even finalize her divorce but rumors suggest that Kanye, would gladly give her another multi-million dollar wedding. With Kanye’s last love, Amber Rose, totally off the market, the mega star could be looking to make a lateral move to another devastating diva!

KANYE AND KIM? Can You Believe This Rumor?

4 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

  1. Hey Julia! I cant believe it and I hope it isn’t true. As you have stated above, Kim K has not finalized her divorce, so why would she pursue another relationship, so abruptly? It makes me think that she is lost and she has yet to find herself.I guess, in a world of so many, money is most certainly the MOTIVE!

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