Shahs Of Sunset


Ryan Seacrest brought us Kim Kardashian, then Denise Richards, Khloe and Lamar, and now Mr. Seacrest has blessed the world with the Shahs of Sunset. The new Bravo TV series will follow yet another elite-and fabulously wealthy, social circle. The twist this time, is that they are PERSIANS! Reality TV has joyously, blown the privacy windows off of African American culture, Italian American Culture, Housewife Culture, and even Southern Culture. Persian culture is largely unknown to most Americans. While SHAHS might immediately strike viewers as shallow and vapid, the Bravo show could be seen as broadening our collective cultural awareness. Ryan Seacrest could be the ultimate cultural ambassador, as the impresario of edu-tainment. However, it’s unlikely that such lofty goals are on the minds of Bravo’s producers. The SHAH’S OF SUNSET, is yet another opportunity to show, relatively young and hot people living an opulent and outrageously fun lifestyle. They spend money like it doesn’t have to be earned. They drink and party like livers are replaceable. And that’s what America wants to see. It is an utter escape from the hum-drum, consequence filled lives of most Americans. The show features characters like Golnesa, Dubbed The Persian Princess. She personifies beauty and excess. She’s the show’s gorgeous spit fire, looking for the love of her Persian Prince. Mike Shouhed is the show’s player-with issues. The consummate bad boy, lost his very rich shirt in the Vegas real estate market, but is working to rebuild his Persian empire. Asa Rahmati – the Persian gypsy, is the show’s artistic cast member. She breaks the mold of her community and challenges the taboos of her culture by (GASP) DATING OUTSIDE OF HER RACE (seriously, this is still a big deal in some communities?)! Challenging ALL of the traditions of Persian culture, is Reza Farahan-an openly gay real estate mogul, who longs for love-and more money. Mercedes and Sammy wrap up the cast as (yet more) real estate moguls. The show, follows all of their exploits and is likely to be a very entertaining ride.

Transition Movement Campaign


Solange Knowles Enlisted In Carol’s Daughter “Transition Movement” Campaign

The natural hair movement is picking up momentum. Carol’s Daughter, an established hair care line for women of color, has enlisted style icon and natural hair role model Solange Knowles to be featured in their new video campaign on transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair.

Carol’s Daughter will also be launching a website called the “Transitioning Movement,” which will be showcasing the natural hair journey’s of women of all walks of life.

What do you think? Did this sway your decision on your hair regimen or make you feel secure in your choice?