Rapid Eye Movement


Interview By: Marcus Williams

Adaeze; Poet, lyricist and musician sat down with Worthy Magazine to discuss her upcoming independent EP and the main message of her music. Read part of her interview here and find out where you can download a free copy of EP “Rapid Movements.”

“The emergence of a lyricist with a mystical grasp of the written word is something that Worthy Magazine not only embraces but celebrates and honors. Adaeze is a talent who has captured my attention and held it for years, literally. From her angelically majestic accent to her hard-pressed lyrics, which are laced with an indescribable strength and heavenly virtue, Adaeze is truly an artist Worthy of a feature in this magazine. We promise you will love her. With a new project set to be released on March 12th entitled “Rapid Eye Movement,” Adaeze is proving to be an artist who still has a lot more to say. I am literally standing on pins and needles to introduce my ears to the new EP. It truly was an honor for Worthy Magazine to interview Adaeze ”—Ju’lia Samuels

What are some of your main musical influences?
In terms of content, I’d have to say that I’m heavily influenced by biblical precepts. I’m influenced by my faith and both my experiences and the experiences of the people around me. When it comes to the actual music though, I’m heavily influenced by neo-soul, hip hop and African/Caribbean rhythms. Because I dabble in a lot of the spheres in the music business, I try to be as open to as many influences as possible so that I can, with a diverse background, develop my own sound.

What do you want to communicate through your music? Who do you hope to reach?
My music has one mission and that is to give to each person whatever it is they need in order to feel positive about their life and their purpose. People need to hear different things at different times and so I rely on God to tell me what to deliver, and when. I know what it’s like to be at the end of my rope, and I just want my music to add a few inches to people’s ropes when they feel like they are at the end.

What are you working on currently?
Currently I’m wrapping up my debut project entitled “Rapid Eye Movement: an experiment” which will be released on March 12th. This project is 100% experimental in the sense that I mix many genres and methods of message delivery. The content covers a wide range of topics but all resolves around the idea of pursuing your dreams, despite the opposition and associated fears. The project is a good prelude to who I am as an artist, trying to develop my sound. It has depth, while showing a lot of my character. I’m pleased with it and am excited to give it to my supporters as a big thank you! The project can be obtained on adaezelyrics.bandcamp.com

http://adaeze.bandcamp.com/   Free album download

To read the entire interview, read the latest issue of Worthy Magazine.





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