Director’s roundtable becomes controversial as only one director discusses race in film

Steve McQueen held no punches when he discussed the world of film as it pertains to American films. McQueen sat next to some of Hollywoods heavy weights: Jason Reitman, Bennett Miller, Mike Mills, Alexander Payne and Michel Hazanavicius.

When the question rose about the lack of minorities featured in American films, McQueen was the only vocal director on the panel.

“I’m always astonished by American filmmakers, particularly living in certain areas, when they never cast one black person, or have never put them in a lead in the movie,” McQueen said. “I’m astonished. It’s shameful. How do you live in New York and not cast a black actor or a Latino actor? It’s shameful. It’s unbelievable,” McQueen Said. 

Only one director spoke up 

“Not stepping into that,” said Reitman, who’s had Oscar nominations for best director.
McQueen made it a point to state that film should be a reflection of reality and that most films are no longer reflecting reality. 
What do you think? Do you agree? Does the reality of film upset you? Or have we gotten past the issues of race?

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