I would never consider myself an impulsive person but lately I have been called just that! And ironic enough I have found a clothing line that is an IMPULSE! I love it. 

Karl Lagerfeld has brought a limited edition fashion line to Macy*s, which means the prices are affordable and the clothes are attainable! The clothing line is everything that I am: Simple and Sexy.  I love the idea that one clothing line has Business Casual Couture for my professional side, Casual Couture for those laid back days and other items that are just must haves. The website only gave a sample of the line but I already know that it will be on everyone’s wish list. 

Watch this Video: Behind The Scenes 2 to get to know Karl Lagerfeld a little bit better.
And below is a glimpse of his Impulse.

There is also an Impulse line for men, by Sean Sullivan of The Impossible Cool. The line covers all of its bases for what a man could possibly be looking for. From a professional side to the comfortable casual wear that is all sexy. The only way to view his line is through Macy*s

Watch this Video: Behind The Scenes 2 to see Sean Sullivan create a line that man will be wearing soon.

I can’t deny that I already have the Impulse to buy.