Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers


Tamanika is back with her list of influential bloggers. Read more to see who made the list.

What started out as something so simple has grown into something complex. Blogging has become a standalone profession. All of the bloggers of the world can agree there is a certain science that blogging requires. Very few people get it and even less actually offer it. My top 10 influential bloggers are “my friends” in my head. They have a strong voice on their blogs, and they keep people coming back for more. Follow me as I share just a few bloggers that I feel have gotten the blogging world down to a unique science.

1. – Karen Civil is a woman who has a unique voice and a great platform which she uses to express it. She is a great example of why you should never give up on your dreams and exemplifies the importance of hard work. What I like about Ms. Civil is that she has a strong voice and was an influential woman in the music industry, interning for Dipset at one time and now working closely with YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires).  She has worked with Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Diggy Simmons to name a few. If you don’t know who she is I would recommend checking her out because she an influential blogger.

2.– Angel Laws has created a huge platform and empire for herself just from blogging. She eventually wrote a book, “Angel’s Laws of Blogging”, to discuss her success and give tips to other bloggers out there in the world.  As a blogger who has been reading concrete loop since 2006, one thing that stands out for me is her yearly post where she “salutes” some of the graduates of that year. Seeing the accomplishments of many African American’s being showcased is what got me hooked on this site.  Presenting something positive and something uplifting dealing with our future is reason enough to praise her as an influential blogger.

3. (Naked with Socks On) – This blog deals solely with relationship issues commonly faced by couples.  The ability to take a common everyday subject such as this one to the next level, as naked with socks on does, is what blogging is all about. In May, two active members of  NWSO who met on the comment board of actually got married. Talk about great relationship advice.

4. – Gabi is a style Icon. She recently styled the look book for Wilhelmina’s models (click here), which showcases her incredible eye for Fashion.  Gabi is a rising star, winning MTV’s TJ contest a couple of years ago and now taking the blogging world and Fashion week by storm. Be sure to check out Gabi’s site because she is up next

      5. This New York native style is a cross between Blossom and Denise Huxtable. She is street-style and trendsetting all in one, and has been featured just about everywhere.

  6.– Ms. Lucas is a blogger who turned her blog into a book.  As an influential blogger, she has been committed to uplifting young women and helping them build strong support systems.
    7.– The first time I went to this site was in 2006. I read a personal letter that Necole wrote on her site. In this letter, she discussed being homeless, living on different couches and the only thing that she had to go by was her computer and blogging.  That was five years ago, and look at her now.  We all know who Necole Bitchie is. She was able to take nothing and make it into something by working hard. Which is why she is one of the most influential bloggers out there.
    8. think everyone who loves fashion knows exactly who Claire of is. She is a contributer to Vogue and Vogue Italia and she is a recognized voice in the fashion community. And to be honest, she has the life that you can only dream of. Moving to Paris for inspiration? Now that is envy worthy.  
    9.– A stylist and a music editor come together to bring you a blog about fashion and music. You can’t go wrong with a blog like this, especially a blog that is not even a year old. 

  • 10.– young women making moves is an on-line magazine that caters to women in their late teens to early 20s.  
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